Hot Spinner is Joomla module that rotates images around a circle in 3D. In the center of the circle, there's an info box that shows relevant content for each image in the rotation. You can also control rotation with mouse moves. This Flash-like software is 100% based on jQuery (no Flash needed).

Parameters of this module allow you to set overall width and height and make the module fit into your available space. You can also control rotation radius and perspective angle. You can select vertical position of the info box and select one of three available animation effects for the box. Rotation speed parameter of the icons/images is also customizable. You can enable reflection of the images and control its height and opacity. Fonts of the info box are customizable, so you can easily select font for the headings and font for the info box text. You can also change the font's color and style. In the info box, there's also an image beside text that can be left or right aligned.

You can enter content for the module into ten available "content slots". Each slot allows you to select rotating and static images. The rotating image is one that rotates, while the static image is the image that appears in the info box. For each slot you can have different heading and text. You can also assign links to the heading of the slots.


Try to "drag" the spinner. Move curser over any image in the spinner, click left mouse button and move it to the left or to the right side. You can also stop the spinner with double-click. Learn more...

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