Hot Full Carousel has "full" in its name for two reasons. The first, regardless if you have 3 or 20 slides, it rotates in the same direction all the time, just like a real carousel. The second reason are its responsive features. Actually, this module can have fixed width, but can also occupy the full width of the screen. This behaviour is maintained on both large monitor screens, tablets and smartphones. Of course, to make it happen, you must publish the module in module position that spans the entire width of the screen. Check your template about this.

The normal mode of this module works just like our demo. It shows a big row of the slides and move them to the left. Some parts of previous and next slides are visible. Beside the normal mode, this module has "Full Screen Mode". When this mode is enabled, only one slide will be shown on the screen and it will be spanned to occupy the full available space. An example of such behaviour is demonstrated in Hot Responsive Portfolio demo.


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