Hot Flashes Menu combines slideshow of images with Joomla menu. It's hard to believe that living animations like this are possible only with HTML, CSS and JavaScript today. We named it "Flashes" (although it's not based on Adobe Flash) because it looks like Flash based animation. Remember, you don't need a Flash plugin to run it. This module works fine on devices that doesn't support Flash (such as iPhone or iPad).

Basic Options

  • SELECT MENU: Drop-down list shows all the menus available in your Joomla. Select one for the Hot Flashes Menu module.
  • LOAD JQUERY: If your template loads jQuery, disable it here to avoid conflicts.

Flashes Menu Options

  • IMAGES FOLDER URL: Specify the folder where images for the slide show are stored (relative to Joomla root).
  • WIDTH: Width of the module in pixels.
  • HEIGHT: Height of the module in pixels.
  • ROOT ITEMS TOP OFFSET: Distance between the top margin of the module and the row that shows menu items from the first level (in pixels).
  • ROOT ITEMS HEIGHT / TEXT COLOR / BG COLOR / TEXT HOVER COLOR / BG HOVER COLOR / FONT SIZE: Various settings for the row that shows menu items from the first level. Height and Font Size are in pixels. Colors are selected from the integrated color picker.
  • SUB ITEMS HEIGHT / TEXT COLOR / FONT SIZE / TEXT HOVER COLOR: Various settings for the second level of the menu items.

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