Hot Lightbox

Joomla slide show of images located anywhere on your server

We sell this module for $15. With this template, you get it FREE!

Hot Lightbox module allows you to include series of images from any directory with images on your server. This module automatically creates thumbnails from your images, as per given parameters. All you need to do is to select a directory with your images. If you install this template using HotStart method, our Hot Lightbox module ($9.95 value) will be installed as well.

  1. Upload images for Gallery in a folder on your server (using Joomla Media Manager or FTP). Make sure the folder is writable.
  2. Go to module manager and click HOT Lightbox. Publish the module on any module position of your template and set module parameters per your preference.

joomla lightbox parameters

Hot Lightbox module will do the rest for you. What actually it does?

The module utomatically creates thumbnail images and save them in /thumbs subdirectory of your directory with images. You select the thumbnail images width and height in the module propertie. Also, you can select quality of the thumbnail images. The module will also create a Lightbox slide show. Click on any thumbnail image will open a larger image in the Lightbox pop-up. User can browse images (prev/next) in the pop-up while the rest of the website area will be faded out. Click on any point outside of the Lightbox slide show will bring the website back.

An Example

The row with thumbnail images located above is created by Hot Lightbox. In this example, we used module width value of "auto" and height value of "auto". The thumbnail images height is set to 219px, with border of 1px. The thumbnail quality is set to 80. You can change any of these parameters easily!

Hot Responsive Slideshow

Hot Responsive Slideshow is in brief a responsive slideshow module for Joomla. Responsive in its name means it will look good on all screen resolutions on both desktops and mobile devices. This module rotates up to 20 slides and each of them can contain text and images. You can have some slides with images or text only, and some slides with both text and images. For each slide it possible to determine how much space will be reserved for image and how much space will be reserved for text. Also, it's possible to align images left or right and this option exists for each slide individually. This allows you to create very dynamic and differently styled slides, rather than monotonous slides which all has the same layout.

When visitor looks your site using the mobile device, this module will accomodate it's layout. The images will be scaled to fit in the available space. Also, the slides that contain both images and text will show those elements one above the other rather than showing them horizontally aligned.

We are selling this module for $15, but all buyers of Hot Wedding template will get this module FREE.

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