Hot Skies

Our New Module

Hot Weather will help you to show weather conditions on your site! Just enter your ZIP code and select simple or 3D mode and you're done!

Setup local weather conditions for your Joomla site in minutes! Or less...

Find Articles

"HOT Skies" template has support for 21 module positions. All module positions are collapsible. If no modules are published on some module positions, those module positions will automatically collapse.

Use module class suffixes "-featured1", "-featured2" and "-featured3" to make some modules highlighted.

Please look at the graphic to find out what module positions are available and where they're placed in the template.

Hot Start!

Hot StartHot Start! is available with each template. It allows you to create a copy of this demo.

Hot Image Slider PRO

Hot StartWith Hot Image Slider included, you can create slideshow in minutes.

Responsive Template

Hot StartThe latest version of Hot Skies template is responsive, powered by Bootstrap.

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