Top Panel

This panel contains four module positions: panel1, panel2, panel3 and panel4. If none of these have published modules, the panel will be hidden.

You have control over the panel settings. You can change panel's height (currently 250px), width (100%), background color and panel's button text (open/close).


This template comes with five background images. Background can be a solid color of your choice as well. All background images will fit perfectly onto screen, no matter what screen resolution you have. To change background image is simple. Go to the template parameters and select a background from the drop-down menu. If you select "none" for background image, the template will have a solid color background. The solid color of your choice can also be defined in the template parameters.

Reflection Effect

Reflection script is incorporated in template. If you want an image to have it, use class "reflect" for your images. You can also control reflection's height and opacity.

Learn more about it here.

HOT Start

Follow our instructions to make a copy of this demo site to your server.

HOT Start! is available with each template. It allows you to create a copy of this demo.

Lightbox Enabled

jQuery Lightbox available. Click on thumbnail picture will open bigger picture in the Lightbox.

Check out how this feature works on this page.