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We are preparing something very special for the Joomla community, especially for those guys who are dealing with Joomla templates. There are many Joomla template frameworks available today, but we will try to incorporate some unique features in our new framework. The working name of the framework is "Sparky".

This template has been developed with Sparky Framework. However, many of the framework's features in the template backend are intentionally disabled because the framework itself has not been 100% finished. We are still making decisions what features to add, what to enhance and what to remove. Hot Blankie template will therefore be our pilot project. This clean template will be a playground where we can test our new framework's features in various situations.

Using Sparky's great features, we've spent only several minutes to make this Joomla template from the design. With Sparky, you would be able to develop templates that fast too! Stay tuned...

Here comes the list of the template's most important features: